Sunday, 9 November 2014

NEWS UPDATE: Blog rework with You Tube and Twitch Channels


Blog Rework with Youtube (skidpro2008)

and Twitch channel (

Hi All, I thought I had better get this out to you if you read this blog and see it has seriously lacked any content and updating in the past year. 

This is mainly due to the fact that I suffer from a long term illness and have spent some time hospital undergoing surgery and still have to more surgery coming up in a couple months.

Still, what I thought I would do after talking to a people on PSN with the advent of youtube (skidpro2008) on PS4 and Twitch Channel ( via PS4 ingame stream and the PC with Raptr app streaming).

I am now in the process of putting a plan together to get info and more news with youtube uploads plus Twitch channel streams. I am usually streaming content on PS4 now as I got fibre optic at last so with the aid of the Raptr App I have been streaming my steam games on that too.

I thought I would combine all three into this blog with videogame news and streams/uploads as my Youtube channel has seriously been neglected since I set up in 2008 but it is a non profit venture.

It still is at the moment as I don't make any money and do this part time for the interest in Gaming in general as a hobby. I will be concentrating on PC/PS4 gaming for youTube and Twitch and PS3 uploads.

PSVita I am looking at too as I have that device and the Shield Tablet and some android gaming which is becoming increasing more popular.

I have tested the Twitch app on Shield and a few network tweaks should sort some Android game broadcasts hopefully.

I want to stream games on PC that people have given me codes for like Afterfall Reconquest (thanks Agnieska at PR Outreach for your continued support).

This can only mean better things for the blog and more content. I can figure something as my illness is quite debilitating and surgery is usually very dangerous and requires MAJOR surgical procedures.

I came to this conclusion last night as I need to get this blog up to scratch again and am considering switching to Wordpress or may just stick here until I work out the ins and out of using wordpress or something else.

Please bear with me whilst a draw a plan of incorporating these elements into the blog and providing more content and more to read/watch and enjoy.

Thanks to readers in the past and any PR people that provide me with steam keys and or promo games for review or testing.

I hope to get something together after my next surgery in the new year (2015) so I am planning what to do at the moment.

Keep an on for streams and genral banter.

Thanks for all your help out there!

Friday, 12 September 2014

AfterFall Reconquest

AfterFall Reconquest

Ep 1 Review

After getting this on the Early Access program on Steam from PR OutReach I was and I am very interested in this game. Afterfall Insanity was a great little game but it had some flaws so I was hoping ReConquest would address those issues. It has and it has not.

Being Early Access it is hard to gauge the game's progression as I have been trying to play this and getting frustrated. It is far too dark and no settings to change the brightness is available.

This is bothersome as the first quest requires the player to fight off mutants' in total darkness and when you reach objective more mutants' suddenly spawn in front of you who you can't see which is seriously hampering game play.

Then gamepad support is funky too. Using A on the X360 Controller to run and evade is awkward as you can roll into mutants when you want to get away and X to shoot your pistol which runs out of ammo quickly as you can't see, then it leaves a shotgun on RB! This is more annoying! I want to swap weapons preferably using the Y button.

Please don't get me wrong, this game looks absolutely post apocalyptic and the scene and settings look great albeit it is initially really dark and cumbersome.

This game has so much potential but it is Early Access so I expect these issues will be addressed over the course of development. It will be 4 part episodic content game which sounds intriguing.

It looks better and more destructive the Insanity and starts out fine. Like I said, It has the potential to become a really great game and I look forward to improvements. I really don't like reviewing this game in its current state, however, I feel it is expected.

This game is potentially rewarding and fun and a great with more post apocalyptic settings with better looking characters' and scenes/stories, but in its current condition I can't wait for the development to get moving and make some big changes.

It's worth getting and supporting now and giving feedback, negative or positive but at least it helps the developers get the right game out there as good follow up to Afterfall Insanity. Looking forward to finished chapters and more.

Monday, 21 July 2014

AfterFall Reconquest due on Steam Early Access on 24th July!

JULY 24th 2014


You're stepping into a world after the outbreak of war. A war in which nuclear warheads weren't the ultimate means of destruction, rather a stage in a self-made apocalypse. A new weapon was used. Nobody heard about the Entropy charges before the Day Zero and a few remained to tell the story after.
Only two groups of people managed to survive the apocalyptic conflict. The first consisted of the lucky ones who found shelter in one of the 'sanctuary cities' hidden deep in the mountains. Their luck, however, was the first resource to run out. Soon it became obvious that these havens weren't self-sufficient. After a few years the resources started to deplete and when they finally ran dry, worn out and embittered survivors once again were forced to find a new place to call home.
Today, former inhabitants of the sanctuary cities descended into the valleys in search of fertile soil, clean water and resources to process into fuel and tools. Thus begins the RECONQUEST - slow and ardous process of taking the land back from mutants and wildlife and rebuilding the lost cities and civilization.
As for the second group... their fate remains a mystery.


·         Detailed and extensive environments set in a post-apocalyptic semi-open world
·         An exciting and rich story with reliable and immersive characters
·         Dynamic and challenging gameplay 
      Unforgettable comic style storytelling


Intoxicate Studios is an independent studio which brings together ambitious, young creators, who have a real passion and dedication and have been working for months to create an exciting and unique gameplay experience in the Afterfall world. The studio consists of 6 developers with a support of outsource professionals.

There will be more information to come and some video from the developer when I can get it uploaded. This has been my first post in long time due to hospitalisation and surgery but I am out now and hope to keep the blog updated more and keep contributing to as things have been rather difficult to deal with health wise.


The Steam Early Access of Afterfall Reconquest Episode 1 is only 1/4 of the whole episode. 

Afterfall Reconquest Episode 1 in its entirety will offer around 4 HOURS of gameplay. What will be available via Steam Early Access is just a short glimpse of the said first episode and this short glimpse is about 1 hour long. But it's NOT the full episode. the game will consist of 4 parts in total.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

EuroGamer Expo 2013

EuroGamer Expo 2013

So it was that time of year again when Eurogamer Expo hit London's Earls Court and I must say it was very interesting to say the least. Obvioulsy, I couldn't get in the queues for PS4 or XB1 testing but did manage to see a couple of games on show on the machines and they looked pretty cool. We got there about 9.45am and press was this time directed to an underground passage underneath the venue. Very strange. However, we got a look at some of the up coming games and I tried a couple of games out to see what they were like, and Dark Souls 2 won hands down for me. We had to queue for that but not for long and it was a worthy trying to defeat the Mirror Knight. The gameplay is more polished and it looks stunning. Next March Prepare to Die, all over again.

Above you can see me trying out the re-masters of Final Fantasy X which I am particularly looking forward to on release as these classics look absolutely stunning on PS3 and in HD from their PS2 counterparts.
The bottom floor was laid differently this year and it was not easy to find a meeting point if you meandered from people...Upstairs had the over the 18s games this year but all I got to play was a fun version of Ninja Gaiden called Ninja Gaiben Z which was cell shaded Ninja zombie slasher and it worked extremely well...not to be taken seriously and a lot of fun.

Also on show was the totally brilliant Shadow Warrior remake by Fly Wild Hog and as an owner of that game I had to take a photo to show it off to you all. We may go back tomorrow, it all depends, it was not as exciting as last year but then again it was our 2nd EG Expo. See you there next year! BTW, my son got a good shot of a painting of Corvo from Dishonoured which I we add last. It's a great photo.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Steam Horror Month - Paranormal


next up for preview is early access game Paranormal. I was going to do Doorways next but hat did not grab as much as much as this game did. it is creepy, it is spooky, it is a definite survival horror game and very well done. The gameplay I tried was exploring around the house and found it has full controller support, which is a plus in my books as M&K is an option I don't mind but find a limitation. The game is very spooky and the atmosphere is very cool as it sets a scene of hauntings from the get go. I was pleasantly surprised to get this game. And I look forward to final product and the promises made which you can read below a few screen shots. No trailer as of yet.
About the Game
Experience the horrors of a haunting that's never the same twice.
Paranormal is a 3D fully dynamic haunting experience. The player takes the role of Mattel Clark, an artist who has a haunted house. Mattel decides to film the hauntings with his camera, which is the viewpoint of the game.The player controls the camera as the hauntings slowly but surely escalate into something far worse and more horrific.
With multiple endings, a different experience every time, top-notch graphics and sound, Paranormal is a constantly evolving indie horror game.
Dynamic Haunting: I've designed the dynamic haunting system that will allow a randomized experience, adding multiple outcomes, dynamic triggers, countless variables, and an action-reaction system. This will make your experience with the game much more unique and memorable, without missing out on anything important.
Free Content Updates: Paranormal will receive free content updates that add new locations, stories, scenarios, scares, gameplay mechanics, and more! You will NEVER have to pay for DLC in Paranormal. The game's content is planned to double or even triple with each major content update.
Sleep System: Sleeping in your bed recharges your camera's batteries and also has a chance of triggering other events.
Flashlight (camera light): Creates a bright, short ranged light that casts dynamic shadows.
Insane Sound Design: Paranormal was designed for surround sound and headphones to create the ultimate audio horror experience.
First-Person Camera: Much like in the movies 'Paranormal Activity' or 'The Blair Witch Project' (Not associated with those films, just inspired by them), the viewpoint will be that of a camera being held by a person (the player). Effects like camera shake, pixelation, video distortion, audio distortion, and motion blur will all be present thanks to the camera screen-space shader I built for everything.
Horrific Story: Uncover the house's troubled and gruesome past through hauntings, journal entries from the previous owner, and more.
Steam Trading Cards: Because one can never have enough of those things!
Planned Future Features
Achievements: Steam Achievements are planned for the game and there will be plenty to chase after!
Full Controller Support: Work has already started on making the game fully gamepad-compatible.
Oculus Rift Support: As promised as a Kickstarter stretch goal, Paranormal will receive an Oculus Rift version, free to owners of the game.
Steam Cloud Saves: For those who hop between machines.
Translations: The game's text is planned to be translated into German, Swedish, and Spanish. If your language isn't on that list, please request it in the forums.
DirectX 11: For those of you who have powerful computers, DirectX 11 support is planned for the future and will make the game look and run even better!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Steam's Survival Horror Month - OUTLAST

Steam Survival Horror Month 


Next up for preview is the acclaimed indie survival horror game - OUTLAST. This game is developed by red Barrels and contains full controller support as well as native 1080p resolutions. It is based around a Mental Asylum and contains some of the most gore scenes I have ever seen in a game. The starts off well, driving to the asylum and gaining access. Instead of a flashlight you are equipped with a camcorder which is also used as a flashlight. Now, this game is creepy and contains piles of gore everywhere. It is very well made and I like the exploration and use of controls plus the fantastic graphical aptitude. this game is worth every penny on Steam and very well done. I would say out of the steam horror titles this month this game shines out the most and the best for plain and simple all out gore and action from the get go. Here is a trailer for you to enjoy:

As you can see this game is very much a horror flick and very interactive. It has to rate as a class game in the months horror games as one of the best to come even though Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was pre-emptied as the title of the month, OUTLAST just shot them all down.
About the Game

Hell is an experiment you can't survive in Outlast, a first-person survival horror game developed by veterans of some of the biggest game franchises in history. As investigative journalist Miles Upshur, explore Mount Massive Asylum and try to survive long enough to discover its terrible secret... if you dare.
In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation, the asylum has been operating in strict secrecy… until now.
Acting on a tip from an anonymous source, independent journalist Miles Upshur breaks into the facility, and what he discovers walks a terrifying line between science and religion, nature and something else entirely. Once inside, his only hope of escape lies with the terrible truth at the heart of Mount Massive.
Outlast is a true survival horror experience which aims to show that the most terrifying monsters of all come from the human mind.
◾True Survival Horror Experience: You are no fighter - if you want to survive the horrors of the asylum, your only chance is to run... or hide
◾Immersive Graphics: AAA-quality graphics give players a detailed, terrifying world to explore
◾Hide and Sneak: Stealth-based gameplay, with parkour-inspired platforming elements
◾Unpredictable Enemies: Players cannot know when - and from where - one of the asylum’s terrifying inhabitants will finally catch up to them
◾Real Horror: Outlast’s setting and characters are inspired by real asylums and cases of criminal insanity
Outlast contains intense violence, gore, graphic sexual content, and strong language. Please enjoy.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Steam's Survival Horror Month!

Steam's Survival Horror Month 

September on Steam has been a month of great indie survival horror games, making the spotlight with The Huntsman: Orphanage, Outlast and Doorways. I first want to cover The Huntsman: Orphanage. This came to my attention as an interesting spooky game but its still in beta. I said on the forums that it was still too dark and I felt useless stumble around in too dark a game with no ability to change brightness. The Dev's kindly gave a code to update my game to Dev beta and I am now very impressed with they are trying to accomplish. It is (when you get the update) a very cool survival Horror game and has controller support. The lighting on the update has improved so you can use the mobile phone flashlight more satisfactory and see where you are going and gain clues to finding the 12 missing Orphans and what has happened to them. The beta has a lead up to the full game release so start clue hunting now and once you have gathered the clues the game will expand in October on full release and you can use the clues you have collected in the final product. I am looking forward to this option immensely and will be playing after obtaining this Dev update.  

Next, maybe in a few days. I will over the immensely gory and popular OUTLAST released recently on Steam but I want to download Doorway's Chapters 1 & 2 as well to see what that game has to offer and cover it here too, I hope. Have look.....Enjoy!

About the Game


This is a game from a first-time Indie studio that gives you rich dialogue, complex characters and atmospheric setting at the same time as it takes away violence as your only way out.
Our non-linear Black Friday Edition lets you explore Grimhaven Orphanage and discover the characters who once lived there – voiced by Dan Bull, Chuck Huber and Raychul Moore, plus a multitude of other great voices from around the world - some of which we discovered through our global YouTube auditions!
There’s a lot to take in, and our Black Friday Edition allows you to do that without being stalked by the Huntsman at the same time! You may come across him but you won’t suffer any ill effects – yet! So be aware that some features are not yet enabled and some areas are still locked in this version, but there's lots to keep you busy, and ongoing updates will continue to improve the experience.
Then comes the Halloween Edition on October 31! So you’re at a distinct advantage if you've already heard the character’s stories, picked up on clues and found the orphans' treasured belongings along the way in this release... or, just bide your time and wait for Halloween. We suggest you watch Mr Odd's video walk-through of the Black Friday Audition to help you make up your mind - decisions, decisions!
We call this ‘alt horror’ because it has no graphic violence, blood or guns. As the player, you have no defense... however, you must show empathy to save the twelve missing orphans. This is a game for people who like to explore, listen, think and solve. Listen to the nineteen personal creepypasta-style stories to piece together the mysterious events of that fateful night in 1898, when twelve orphans simply... disappeared!